Patient Participation Group

Would you like to contribute your ideas to how the practice runs and what services we offer?

Why not join our participation group?

There are 2 options for membership:

  • Full member who joins in the the annual meeting with the practice and helps out with the fundraising ventures.
  • ‘Virtual’ member who helps out with online questionnaires and email discussion groups.

If you would like to join either section of the participation group please register.

This group exists to facilitate liaison between the doctors, staff and patients of the surgery.

This includes:

  • Arranging events for the purposes of:
    • Fund-raising.
    • Providing, receiving, and disseminating information.
    • Socialising on particular occasions (e.g. a Partner’s retirement).
  • Discussion of possible Practice changes.
  • Discussion of concerns raised by patients.
  • Considering possible ways of improving the patient experience.
  • Reflection on any surveys undertaken by the practice or on their behalf by NHS England.
  • Managing, and advising on the use of, funds given to the Surgery by donation, in memorium or raised through particular activities.

We are currently asking patients to complete the NHS England Friends and Family Survey.

Many thanks to all those who take the time to reply to the Survey, your input is much appreciated.