Statement of Intent

Our Statement of purpose is a document explaining the services we are registered to provide with the Care Quality Commission.

Statement of Purpose

Our Values, what we see as our reason for being and what we aim to deliver as a GP Practice

At Rendcomb Surgery we believe that our relationship with our patients is based on a promise to do the very best for them when they seek help and to always go that extra mile.

In practice this relationship means:

  • Practising truly patient-centred care, where what is important to the patient is fundamental to any decision making.
  • Treating all patients fairly and without discrimination or prejudice.
  • Being polite, considerate and honest and at all times promoting openness and transparency.
  • Supporting patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health.
  • Encouraging patients who have knowledge about their condition, to use this when they are making decisions about their care.
  • To be family centred – the need to explore the illness and needs of the patient, so that the care that is provided is culturally responsive, flexible and relevant to each individual in the context of their family.
  • Recognising that a caring doctor may at times have to challenge and confront as well as listen and support. 
  • To deliver personalised, cost effective care.
  • Promote a shared decision making between patients and carers
  • To follow gold standards in palliative care, assuring the best possible care at the end of life, in the place of choice for the patient, whenever possible.
  • To recognise that sometimes we get things wrong. When this happens, being quick to apologise and make corrections where we can and learn from our mistakes.
  • At all times to act ethically and with honesty and integrity.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, welcoming environment within the practice and to practice high quality clinical care.
  • Being committed to the care of all of our staff and to promote a happy working atmosphere.
  • All clinical staff to show a commitment to stay up to date with relevant medical developments and to take part in appraisals and revalidation.
  • To ensure that all staff feel there is an atmosphere of shared ownership of these values and an ability to shape them into the future maintaining Rendcomb surgery’s ‘special something’ with the patients.

Our Vision, where we see ourselves in the future and what we would like to achieve

At Rendcomb Surgery we believe in always looking forwards and this is our vision:

  • Working with patients to achieve high quality care.
  • To move towards more cost effective, integrated and resilient systems of care.
  • To continue to embrace and seek out advances in technology to the advantage of our patients.
  • To adapt to the increasing number of patients who have multiple long term conditions that require complex medical care delivered in their community or home.
  • To continually explore avenues to deliver more complex care in the community as a means of both bringing it closer to patients and their families and reducing costs.
  • To continually promote healthy lifestyles and behaviours while engaging patients and communities in supporting their own care and participating in shared decision making.
  • To work towards more coordination and collaboration across boundaries, with less fragmentation of care.
  • To work towards working in federated organisations, with interconnected clusters of practices and other care providers spanning traditional primary, secondary and social care boundaries; while at the same time maintaining what the patients feel familiar with.
  • To continually explore the possibilities of delivering more health care online.
  • To continue to embrace and explore community-led research, development and quality improvement.
  • To one day have longer consultation times to adequately address problems in the context of family, work and home.
  • To promote a culture locally between the surgeries of shared learning through significant event analysis.